Air Pu is a light and waterproof material used as base to make the body of the most technical gloves. It fits to the hand shape and keeps the inner part dry and fresh. Besides it is very easy to clean.


Rubber Punch / 3D Rubber Punch is a gadget located in the punching zone to make the punching more powerful and accurate. It is a tough and non-sliding surface. The hardness increases the force of the impact while the non sliding material reduce the rotatory effect of the ball making the punching even better.


Revolutionary solution material for high breathability and extreme elasticity called EVA -Zone. This is the result of applying cutting edge engineering technology and comfort.


Fix Fit provides what it takes to achieve one of the most smooth and steady grips of the world. The system works with a gel introduced between the latex palm and the inner coating. It cushions the impact and makes the palm to adapt to the sferic shape of ball, providing a safety and comfortability never seen before.


The RG rubber tab at the end of the closure helps to avoid the erosion of the strap when the keepers put or take the glove.


Air Mesh is a padding material used as a base to make the body of the most armed gloves. It makes the glove thicker but keeping the fit to the hand shape thanks to the flexibility of the mesh. It also provides a excelent ventilation through its pores.